“Book of the Law”.This is the name of the parchment scroll that contains the first five books of the Bible, or Pentateuch (Torah). It must be hand-written by an adult male Jewish scribe, on parchment produced from the hide of a kosher animal, using a special ink and quill pen and following the established Mesoretic rules. It is kept in the Aron HaKodesh, wrapped in the meil, the mantle that, according to the Sephardic tradition, could be replaced by a wooden case (tik). It is adorned with the crown (atarah or keter) to symbolise the sovereignty of the divine law and finials (rimmonim). During the reading of the Sefer Torah the hands must never come into contact with the parchment. A yad is used to follow the text. This is a pointer with a narrowed end in the shape of a closed hand with the index finger extended.