The Synagogue


Today the synagogue isn’t regularly used, since only two Jewish families live in Casale.
Some services are nevertheless held during the year to make the synagogue alive.

Every year on Yom Kippur about 20 people from Piedmont reach Casale to celebrate this holy day. Also on Chanukkah and  Sukkot, the Jewish families of other towns in Monferrato and in Piedmont use to celebrate one day of these Jewish festivals in a special atmosphere joining together past and present in a synagogue that the few Jews still living in Casale keep
a living place of prayer and rejoicing.

Some families with Casale’s ancestors, or even just with a great passion for this place, organise their special family occasions as Bar Mitzwahs and weddings, or even birthdays, in the synagogue. The Community is then filled up with many people who give once again, as a hundred years ago, its glory and its splendour to Casale’s synagogue.

The synagogue is now also used for public events related to Jewish topics as conferences, concerts and intercultural meetings.
The synagogue of Casale has now become a monument for the town and a landmark of the culture in Monferrato.