The cemetaries

Casale Monferrato – Cemetery: (old) via F. Negri 10; (new) via Cardinal Massaia

In Casale, two cemeteries still exist, while there are some testimonies that attest the existence of two other “lawns of the Jews” near Piazza Statuto and Porta Milano.

In the Community’s archives is conserved a list from the fist years of the 19th century, which records 200 burials in the old cemetery of Via Negri, first used in 1732.
In the middle of the field an evocative stacking of tombstones with partially corroded writings in Hebrew can be found; next to it, probably existed a little temple the plans of which have be found in the Archives.

Still around 1930 some Jews have expressed the desire of being buried next to their grandfathers in this old cemetery.
In 1893 was reached a Convention with the municipality, relative to an hectare of land where persists the present cemetery of via Cardinal Massaia. In the middle of the lawn, you can see a small temple planned by Enrico Bertana and Lorenzo Rivetti; on the inner walls numerous inscriptions in Hebrew from the Psalms can be found.
This squared shaped cemetery records the first interment in 1904.