Community Projects

The Jewish Community of Casale in cooperation with the Fondazione Arte Storia e Cultura Ebraica a Casale Monferrato e nel Piemonte Orientale Non profit organization, with the support of the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities and of public and private organizations and banks as Fondazione CRT, year after year continues its work in Casale Monferrato among all sectors of the population, working with partners throughout the city, to preserve the ancient and modern heritage of the Community and improve the quality of the offer of activities and projects.

The Community faces many challenges and supports the growth of a vibrant, modern, flourishing Community rich in Jewish values as the source of the inspiration, culture and strong identity.

Many projects and activities developed thanks to Governments and Public Support, such as the Ghesher Choir project, directed by Mrs Erika Patrucco and specifically targeted toward children and young adults and the restoration of the Ancient Jewish Cemeteries of Moncalvo and Casale.

The Community develops a comprehensive plan focused on specific projects and activities in Jewish cultural-artistic fields including exhibitions, concerts, dance performances and special events.

The Jewish Community of Casale invests by supporting and expanding the European Day of Jewish Culture, International Jewish events, and the Exhibition of Hanukkah Lamps of the Museum of Lights hosted in Jewish Museums of Europe such as Paris and Girona.