Jewish Art, History and Culture Foundation
in Casale Monferrato and East Piedmont
Non profit association

The Foundation’s goals are to approach the outside world to the Jewish culture in Piedmont -particularly in Casale- maintaining and handing on the memory of the past local Judaism by conferences, exhibitions and publications.
The Foundation owns the Lights Museum’s Collection, which is composed by art works concerning the festivity of Chanukkah, in particular the Chanukkiot donated by contemporary artists.
The Foundation, in collaboration with the Casale Monferrato’s Jewish Community manages the Silver’s Museum where ancient art objects illustrating Jewish cycle of life are exposed; they have been left in inheritance from people who want to perpetuate the memory of their own ancestors.

The Foundation is managed only by volunteers. Collected money, as donations from private and public agencies, is employed for restorations and maintenance of the items related to the Jewish Casale Monferrato Museual Complex of museums or in order to promote cultural and didactic activities in collaboration with the Jewish Casale Monferrato’s Community as well as with other bodies interested in historical and artistic searches.

Every year, the Foundation carries on an intense program of activities, as i.e.:

  • Conferences organisation, exhibitions and concerts taking place in the Community’s premises.
  • Publication of printed material concerning these manifestations
  • The celebration of the European day for Jewish Culture’s (on first Sunday of September).
  • The celebration of the Memory Day (January 27th).
  • Presentation (in December) of the Art works offered to the Lights’ Museum by their authors and the lighting of the candles of Chanukkah in presence of the other monotheistic religions representatives.
  • Participation to European Congresses promoted by Jewish Heritage and the European Jewish Museum Association with its partners.
  • The Foundation is part of The Torino Piemonte Musei and Monferrato Musei network