The Shoah Memorial

The artist Antonio Recalcati offered this Art work to the Casale Community. It is dedicated to the Holocaust victims from Casale and Moncalvo.

A list of the names of the victims is written on glass and, on beaten iron, are sculptured Hebrew words, as Shalom (peace), Shoah (catastrophe) and Midor LeDor (from generation to generation). This last inscription refers to the duty to perpetuate tradition and memory.

The sculpture is fixed on the wall and its dimension is 3x3m.
Visually it also recalls the Wailing Wall, in Jerusalem, the only part still remaining of the Holy Temple. Beyond its archeological value, the Wailing Wall is considered a central spiritual site for the Jewish people. Here million of visitors, Jews and Gentiles come to visit and pray. Many of them use to leave, into the stone cracks, small pieces of paper with prayers or personal wishes. These elements are also represented in the memorial, together with the Wailing Wall stones, to recall the Jewish faith and more Holocaust metaphorically related elements: the stones stands still, while the “papers” seems to fly from the wall to the sky.