Today the Jewish community of Casale is proud of its celebrity and its reputation, acquired after a very long time; in fact the first museum has opened its doors many years ago.

The Complex’s development couldn’t be realized without the involving of many private or public institutions.
The Casale’s Jewish community gratefully acknowledge here their precious help.

First, all the projects were steadied by regional institutions: the Palazzo Comunale, the Provincia di Alessandria, the Regione Piemonte, the Ministero per i Beni Culturali.
Yet also private institutions, as the Fondazione della Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria, the Fondazione della Cassa di Risparmio di Torino and others act discretely but are very near to us.
We are also garateful to the Prefettura, the Questura and the Associazioni d’Arma which have steadied us through their coordination.

Many other deserve a right credit:
The Italian Church’s representatives which are very friendly toward us;
The journalists and the local or national press always informing about our activities;
The volunteers who could be defined, using a Jewish traditional term, real “chassidim”, Just men; they are fundamental in giving continuity, accompanying the visitors, providing them explanations. They are Silvio, Luisa Maria, Franco and the last arrived Roberta, from Biella, who, almost every Sunday, gives her free time to the others, to those who come to be curious, to see what is that building that looks like a church but that many call “the Silver’s Synagogue”.
We cannot forget the collaborators Anna, Nicolai and Pierangela who always preserve, control and help with their reliable work. Also through them we organize the multiple activities that with the other friends, lecturers, musicians and artists constantly improve the quality of the cultural program.

Thanks to all the people who invested efforts and time for the realization of this website, Serena Tedeschi and Aron Bokobza, Claudia Calcagno and many others. We are also grateful to all the photographers whose images enrich visually this website and particularly to Alberto Jona Falco from Studio Olimpic, Milan.

An other twofold truth must be inserted in this list, it is the Jewish Art, History and Culture Foundation in Casale Monferrato and in the Oriental Piedmont, that we have instituted a few years ago, as a non-profit association. The Foundation is always available to help us, solving various problems in the economic or organizational fields.

A special thanks to the British association Hanadiv Charitable Foundation which has financed the inventories and cataloguing of our ancient books’ archive.

The Community of Casale presents also its sincere thanks to the many artists who have given a part of their work to the museums.

Last but not least, we acknowledge the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, that helps in mantaining the Casale synagogue by devolving to it part of the proceeds deriving from the “Eight for Thousands” (a contribution voluntarly addressed by each taxpayer to religious or cultural institution, as part of the income tax system).

Yet the above it’s just a short part of a long list of names, people, institutions and associations, to which the Community of Casale wants to address many friendly and sincere thanks.