The Monferrato

Agricultural tourism

You can admire along the beautiful fields and hills small villages that hark back to the ancient charm of the local stone, but also churches in the middle of the vineyards. The gentle, rolling “sea of hills”, is cloaked in woods and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Even the agricultural valleys in Monferrato are picturesque with their flooded rice-fields and the famous vineyards from where come the best European wines as the Barbera, the Freisa and the Grignolino.

The River Po runs between the plains, drawing them together with the calming flow of its waters; this setting provides fantastic opportunities to stay in enchanting castles, farmhouse accommodation, bed & breakfasts and charming hotels.

In the west of the region, the Valle Cerrina and the Moncalvese area are famous for the wild woods and the truffle festivals.

To the east is Valenza, the world capital of goldsmithery and jewellery-making and home to the Parco del Po, an unspoilt area where you can enjoy the beauty of the local nature and of the river Po. These enchanting spots, which are often unknown, offer to the visitors who want to discover them their roaming spirit, sampling flavours, smells and colours and give an opportunity to find wellbeing, relaxation and a different way of spending one’s holidays and free time in marvellous castles or evocative farmhouse accommodations and charming hotels.

In the centre of this area is Casale, the capital of Monferrato, which has some of the most beautiful Piedmontese Baroque buildings, unique in Europe.

By car, on foot or by bicycle, the Monferrato Casalese area invites you to get to know it, discover and savour it, and extends its warmest welcome to all visitors.