The Monferrato

Casale Monferrato

Casale, with its 39,000 inhabitants, is the economic and historical, but also political and administrative centre of the Monferrato region.

This town has a well developed industrial fabric, specialised in machines for graphic design, wood working, refrigeration, publishing, food, and cement production.

But Casale is above all a town of art, history, and culture. For centuries this town has hosted families that have played central roles in the political, dynastic and war events of Piedmont: the Aleramicis, the Marquis of Monferrato, the Gonzagas, the Savoias. The ancient centre features a mediaeval core with some Renaissance roads.

Casale is also the seat of a monthly antiques market, of several exhibitions and cultural events.
A traditional product of Casale is a special type of cookies, the famous Krumiri, traditional biscuits that have become the symbol of Piedmontese sweet titbits.